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Get Involved!

On Stage
Want to try acting? We have open auditions for each production. Just send us an email to be added to our actors' mailing list. Please include your name, address, phone number, and personal email address and your age and we will notify you as auditions are scheduled. 
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Behind the Scenes
If you have construction knowledge we need you! We also need people to help paint the set once it's built. Set building and painting are under the direction of the set designer so there's someone here to guide you. We also need people to work with props, costumes, be a crew member for a show, or learn how to run the lights and sound. Our volunteers make each production a success!

If you want to help out (and see the show!) but don’t think you’ll have time to work the run of a show, ushering is a great way to volunteer. The commitment is light, but the help is appreciated! We need ushers for every performance.

Cleaning, Organizing, and Historical Services

​Our beautiful building can always use extra hands to keep it clean and organized. We need help keeping our costumes and props organized and managing our scrapbook of past productions.

If you are interested in helping us in any way contact us at: We'd love to hear from you.

You can also join our private volunteers group on facebook for additional volunteer opportunities!


Did you know: We have over 50 volunteers per production! It's a great way to make friends!

Audition Information

Auditions for The Rainmaker
Written by: N. Richard Nash

Director: Sandy Zochert

All character information is subject to the director’s interpretation, you can be close to the description in age and still audition.

No experience or preparation is needed to audition for a show at Green Bay Community Theater. All auditions are cold readings from the script.

Contact the box office at 920-435-6300 if you would like to arrange to borrow a script. Scripts are limited.

Auditions held at Green Bay Community Theater,
122 N. Chestnut

Monday,  December 4th & Tuesday, December 5th from 6:30-8:30 pm


Rehearsals Start in early January TBD.


Dates of conflicts at auditions will be considered when finalizing the rehearsal calendar. ​


Show dates: February 15-17 and 21-25, 2024.

The Curry family is desperate for rain. Their cattle are dying, and they are slowly giving up all hope. Their sister Lizzie is even giving up her dream to be happily married, and her prospects are not very hopeful. The family is on their last leg for everything. Until a young self-proclaimed “Rainmaker” named Starbuck comes to the ranch, claiming he is the answer to saving the ranch. 

This Romantic Dramatic Comedy by N. Richard Nash is filled love for family, the search for romance, and the ability to find hope in the bleakest situation. Come and see if love and hope rains true!



Ages 20s-60's *The director may cast above or below the age range.*​​

(6 Men, 1 Woman)

Ages 20s-60's *The director may cast above or below the age range.*

H. C. Curry: The patriarch of the Curry family. Imaginative, powerfully set, capable, unpretentious, a good, honest man in his mid-50's. 50-60's.

Noah Curry: Older son of H.C., very similar to his father, however, has no imagination, also is rigid, self-righteous, and judgmental. 20-30's​

Lizzie Curry: The daughter of the Curry family. A young, plain-looking woman who is ready to give up on her dreams of finding love. She is strong, capable, realistic, moral, and sincere. Resigned to being viewed as a spinster. 20-30's


Bill Starbuck: A suave good-looking conman who brings hope to the Curry family. He is a loud braggart, a gentle dreamer, charismatic, self-confident, and compelling. 20-40's

Jim Curry: Youngest son of H.C. Curry family in his early 20's.

Big, broad-shouldered, not very bright. Socially awkward, earnest, and likable. 20's-30's



Sheriff Thomas: 50s-60s, a contemporary of H.C., Capable, honest, kind, a father figure. Values relationships. 50's-60's.


File Sheriff's deputy: Lean and fit, reticent but with occasional mischievous humor. Private, intelligent, but can tend towards bitterness.

Auditions Later in the 2023-2024 Season:

  •  Readers Theater

    • The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico Garcia. (A Drama about women in the villages of Spain.) Translated by Emily Mann

      •  13-14 Women cast Auditions Friday February 2nd from 6 pm-8pm

        • Readers Theater Rehearsals February 9th, March 1st, and March 8th from 6-8pm.​

        • Readers Theater Performance March 9th at 4pm.

  • Don't Drink The Water by Woody Allen, Directed by Dave Zochert

    • 12 Men, 4 Women, Auditions February 19th & 20th from 6:30-8:30pm.​

      • Performance April 11-13, and 17-21st.​

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Audition Information

Current ushering and preshow volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Tuesday, January 16, 2024 Label Mailers.

  • Tuesday, March 12, 2024 Label Mailers.

Usher & Volunteer Opportunities

Production Crew Opportunities for 2023-2024

  • Stage Manager (Stipend per Show) , (Show 3 January-February) (Show 4 March-April)

    • Are you interested in stage managing a show?

    • Must be available for every performance and during tech week.

    • Call the show and make sure everything backstage is performance ready.

    • Help rehearsals run smoothly

    • Help communicate between the different crew and design team

    • Take notes on what is needed

    • Please, contact us with your name and what position you are interested in via our email:

  • Assistant Stage Manager for (Show 3 January-February) (Show 4 March-April)

    • Help backstage

    • Track Props

    • Help with Scene Changes

    • Communication between the stage manager and the actors.

    • (Stipend per Show)

    • Please, contact us with your name and what position you are interested in via our email:

  • Costume Designer for (Show 4 March-April)

  • Makeup Designer (Show 2 October-December), (Show 3 January-February) (Show 4 March-April) This may change depending on the show.

  • Lighting Designer: (Stipend per Show) (Show 1 August-September) (Show 2 October-December), (Show 3 January-February) (Show 4 March-April)

    • Someone who can design one show -or- the whole season consisting of 4 shows.

    • The lighting designer would work on lights after hours or on weekends.

    • It would be on your schedule with a finish by date.

    • Must work well with others, follow safety guidelines, and be able to communicate lighting schedule with other designers.

    • Show up to production meetings, conduct a light hang with volunteers, and program lights on an ion lighting console.

  • Sound Designer: (Stipend per Show) (Play Reading #1) (Play Reading #2)

    • Someone who can do one show -or- the whole season consisting of four shows.

    • A sound designer would work after hours or on weekends.

    • It would be on your schedule with a finish by date.

    • Must work well with others, follow safety guidelines, and be able to communicate your schedule with other designers.

    • You would have access to CTs Qlab, and sound editing software.

    • It is a great opportunity for someone who knows the basics to build their skill set.

Open Production Opportunities

How To Audition

We do cold reads for auditioning, which means no memorizing monologues, also it allows you to audition last minute if you decide on the spot that you would like to try out for a show. When someone auditions all they have to do is show up, fill out an audition form (you do not need any experience to audition) and read with another person on stage. We typically hold two audition nights so if you want to go to one, or both you can based on your schedule. We try and make the audition processes as accessible for people who want to give acting a try. Typically throughout our season have 2-6+ new actors who have never been on our stage before! 

We also provide a few things to help actors know when auditions are coming up and when scripts are available to check out.

There are three ways to know when auditions are coming up:

  • On our get involved page at

  • On our Facebook page under events.

  • By getting on our Actors List. Email: 

If you cannot make it to auditions you can contact us via email, phone, or in person. We can then sometime schedule an unusual audition chosen by the director of the show. (This however is not always possible)

Example of an Audition Form:

Audition form Spreading It Around.pdf.png
How do I Audition
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